Natural Mind Magic

Ways and Means

Regarding personal coaching, the skills I offer and the methods I can teach you come from the practical psychology system of NLP and, where appropriate, Buddhist concepts and meditation.

Regarding meditation courses, the emphasis is reversed: what I can teach you comes from my 30 years of experience in the world of Tibetan Buddhism, and, where appropriate, NLP concepts and exercises.

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) offers practical and often entertaining methods for changing habitual, limited ways of thinking, communicating, and acting. It promotes rapid learning, lateral thinking, creativity, imagination, and humour. Among the criteria for assessing an NLP exercise is the obvious question, 'How well does it work?' However this is rapidly followed by, 'How enjoyable is it?' If you believe that change and development should be painful, prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Buddhist meditation provides ways to cultivate mental and emotional wellbeing, allowing your natural innate qualities of love, compassion, strength, and understanding to manifest. You don't have to become a Buddhist; you don't have to shave off your hair, or even sit on the floor with your legs crossed like a pretzel. You simply bring your attention to whatever seems to be going on in your own awareness, with a quality of interested enquiry that takes you beyond the usual chatter of the 'monkey-mind' to a state of being that is a whole lot saner. However, as you may find when you try, 'simple' is not necessarily the same as 'easy' - hence the usefulness of the traditional instructions and a teacher to help you do it.

Buddhist meditation brings a profound dimension to conventional personal development coaching. NLP brings a sparkle to traditional meditation instructions and gives you a glimpse of what might be possible if you could only follow them!

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