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Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash

Working with a personal coach can help you to bring out the best in yourself. A coach can help you to identify your aims and take the necessary steps towards achieving them.

Some specific areas in which coaching can be of use include:

developing emotional stability
managing stress constructively
changing unwanted habitual behaviour
managing anger
developing confidence
improving work or sports performance
improving communication skills
letting go of compulsive behaviour, including smoking and over-eating
making peace with the past
managing difficult relationships
resolving phobias
exploring purpose and direction
making more of life and opportunity

You can learn how to identify the positive motivations underlying unwanted behaviour and then find constructive ways to fulfil those positive motivations. In this way you can resolve inner conflicts and free yourself from the two extremes of indulgence and suppression, finding a third way of healthy fulfilment.

The coaching skills I offer and the methods I can teach you come from the practical psychology system of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and, where appropriate, Buddhist concepts and meditation.

NLP offers practical and often entertaining methods for changing habitual, limited ways of thinking, communicating, and acting. It promotes rapid learning, lateral thinking, creativity, imagination and humour. In assessing an NLP exercise, after the obvious question, 'How well does it work?', the next question is, 'How enjoyable is it?' So those who believe that learning and changing should be painful can look forward to being proved wrong!

Buddhist meditation practices, including mindfulness meditation, provide a wide range of ways to cultivate mental and emotional stability and wellbeing, allowing you to get to know your own mind and encouraging the innate qualities of love, compassion, strength and understanding to manifest. You don't need to become a Buddhist, or sit cross-legged on the floor like a contortionist: you simply learn how to direct your attention where you want it. But, while this may be simple enough to understand, it's not necessarily so easy to do - hence the usefulness of someone to teach you.

Combining NLP with mindfulness and other meditation practices brings a profound dimension to conventional personal development coaching.

You also have the option to invite the horses to help with Horse-facilitated coaching - please see the Horses page for more details!

Schedule and Fees

Coaching is quick and cost-effective. Depending on your particular requirements, you can expect just 2 - 8 sessions to bring about positive changes, or at least set you on the right road. And you'll find that the insights you gain and the skills you learn can be applied in other areas of life - you can be as creative and flexible as you like with them.

Sessions cost £40 for around an hour, and are held at intervals to suit you. The price includes the typed-up notes from your session, and printed instructions for exercises for you to do at home.


Kalden and Samten
Kalden and Samten